The Complete Solution for Cycling Club Management

Whether you are a large established club, a neighborhood group, or a randonneuring group, RideStats can manage your club so that you spend time riding, not managing.



For Riders 

  • Easy to join
  • Easy to find a ride
  • Easy to register
  • Easy to see progress


Know right away when your favorite ride is scheduled.

  • Ride/Registration Dates and Times
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • RWGPS Links
  • Cue Sheet Links
  • Location and Navigation to the start
  • Full Details and Ride Leader Information
  • Personal Calendar Integration


  • RSVP to club rides in a single click
  • Pay easily and securely with PayPal or a credit card
  • Personalized view of all registered rides and cancellation options
  • Leader notifications and updates for registered rides

Club Statistics

  • Personalized statistics graphically charted over your years with the club
  • Club ranking for mileage, number of rides and limitless other measures.  
  • Chart your cycling experience by month and year for as long as you are a member.


  • Sign up for your club quickly with PayPal or credit cards
  • Manage contact information securely without usernames and passwords to remember
  • Enjoy member-only ride statistics
  • If you are not ready, sign up as a guest


For Leaders

  • Easy to schedule
  • Easy to report results
  • Easy to stay in touch


Simple scheduling via event templates.

  • Create your ride once and schedule/refine as many times as you like
  • Know the sunrise/sunset at schedule time
  • Integrate your own or your club’s RideWithGPS routes
  • Reuse common locations, integrated with Google Maps
  • Personalized view of the rides that you are leading
  • Easy to make changes and notify everyone


As a leader reporting results is simple:

  • Registered riders are already ready to report
  • Track finish times or just participation
  • Simple finish entry of either a wall clock time or a “Now” button
  • Complete integration with RUSA (if used) for reporting brevet results

Leader Tools

  • Automatically generated sign in sheets, rider labels, customized waivers to make ride preparation easy
  • Share ride ownership with others
  • Know exactly what your budget is for a ride
  • Automatic extraction of results for submission to other systems such as RUSA


  • Receive emails when riders register for your rides
  • Send emails in one click to everyone coming to your ride
  • Stay in contact with other leaders in your club to coordinate
  • Results posted to the web automatically

For Leaders

  • Easy to schedule
  • Easy to report results
  • Easy to stay in touch

For Club Boards, Organizers, and Volunteers

  • Ride Year can start on any day
  • Complete accounting by ride and year
  • Customize color, layout, and content
  • Integrate with external system
  • Optional Ride Approval Process available
  • Club wide statistics
  • SEO helps with advertising your rides
  • Separate training site available for training and seeing new features




  • Create custom pages with integrated design tool
  • Customize your menu system to your club
  • Choose color scheme and layout of the site
  • Integrate your own banner, email headers, and logo
  • Image gallery available for club pictures or advertising
  • Ride Waiver can be customized and both displayed on the site and integrated during registration


  • One page views of rides and leader activity for large clubs
  • Complete accounting of all funds processed without storing any customer specific payment data
  • Manual and PayPal options available
  • Club Guests option allows easy follow up with visitors
  • Options to manage large numbers of rides and leaders such as ride approval


  • Use internal membership or import riders from other CRM systems such as Wild Apricot or NEON CRM
  • Embed calendar into existing websites via standalone pages
  • PayPal integration easy to configure
  • Seamless integration with RIdeWithGPS club accounts
  • Optional integration with RUSA membership data
  • Enable Rider Limits and Waitlists for large events

Data and Support

  • Export of leader and ride data at any time
  • Yearly archiving keeps your site clean and organized
  • Software is designed and maintained by cyclists familiar with what it takes to run a club
  • See a feature missing?  It can be added quickly
  • Site is secured with SSL, use a default or incorporate a custom club domain
  • Backups maintained


Contact RideStats

We have been working with cycling clubs for almost 10 years to help riders and leaders spend their time on riding, not paperwork.

Our pricing and customization are by club, so begin by sending us an email. We pride ourselves in providing the service we would want if we were customers.

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